Toll-Free Number: 1-800-781-2299

Why JD Xpress

JD Xpress places a lot of emphasis on communication. Our commitment to providing our customers with constant communication means that you will feel valued and know that your company and its freight needs are important to us. As your partner in moving freight across Canada and the United States, we want to help your company succeed.

What Makes JD Xpress Trucking Unique?


We own most of our own transport vehicles which allows for greater flexibility and control. This helps us be able to meet the changing requirements of our customer and respond to their needs quickly.

Experience & Dedication

When it comes to moving freight in Canada, we believe in an efficient operation. The JD Xpress Trucking team is dedicated and focused on providing timely delivery and collection of freight shipments, including over dimensional freight. We only employ drivers who understand our business values and who are experienced to handle various types of consignment including our growing expediting service.


The team at JD Xpress prides themselves on their excellent customer service record. We operate with transparency and deliver a consistent level of service. With many Canadian Carriers to choose from, JD Xpress takes a different approach than most - we consider our clients our partners. Our industry reputation of being a well-known and respected organization leads us to create long term relationships with customers looking to have their transportation needs handled by a professional and honest company.

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